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Impact of Change on Employee Motivation

Impact of Change on Employee Motivation

Change is unavoidable and is a continual thing. Establishing positive motivation ideals and practices can enhance productivity, quality, and service in an association. According to the scenario, the healthcare facility is employing a new electronic health record (EHR) system, and due to this change, there is a huge effect on the motivation of staff members (Sidikova, 2011). With the implementation of the new technology, some employees are able to see the positive of having the system, while others believe that it will impact them negatively. However, as a health care manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that the electronic health record (EHR) system is implemented and that the changes it will bring are communicated in a manner that the employees are able to get motivated to acknowledge it in a positive and true sense.

Change can affect the motivation of workers in various ways. First, change can impact an employee’s confidence and cause them to lose trust in the management team. This absence of confidence can come about because of the breakdown on the part of management to successfully communicate the effect of the change. Second, change within an association can cause employees to feel a sense of loss (Sidikova, 2011). This is because some employees may feel that if they are not able to operate the new technology successfully or in the required way, then the healthcare facility will replace them. This uncertainty can result in resistance in the minds of workers. Lastly, some workers do not want to or feel the need to advance at a fast pace in their career and do not have the enthusiasm to enhance their knowledge base and adapt, and this behavior can additionally result in the absence of motivation of the workers.

Communication plays a vital function in the application of change. The managers of the health care facility need to efficiently communicate to employees about the change and the potential benefit it could or will bring to everyone. Managers likewise need to provide the opportunity for workers to express their opinions in such a manner that they are capable of creating a high level of confidence in the change being applied (Crosnick, 2012). If the workers are cognizant of the change, its necessity, and its benefits, they will cooperate and aid in the change process. With this in mind, managers can emphasize certain points through which the workers of the health care facility can receive the change in a constructive way.

The application of this system will increase accuracy, and healthcare workers will be able to receive current and thorough data regarding the patient. This will assist in decreasing inaccuracies in medical documents. Second, the electronic health record (EHR) system will make the sharing of data speedier and aid healthcare professionals in examining patients, and guarantee safe healthcare conveyance. Third, it will assist in encouraging intelligible and comprehensive documentation; it will also aid in ensuring the privacy and safety of patient information (Loria, 2016). Fourth, this system will lessen the amount of paperwork that needs to be completed. Therefore, by communicating some advantages of the EHR system, the change can be applied successfully, and both the employees and the association will be able to gain the greatest benefit from the change (Loria, 2016).

With a specific end goal to actualize the change, the employer can clarify the on and off-the-job training through which workers will have the ability to get the full information about the framework. They will initially comprehend the framework and its capacities, and after that, the preparation will be given to consolidating the advantages in their daily work exercises. Therefore, these two types of educational opportunities will be offered by the facility. This training opportunity will likewise bring about the improvement in the aptitudes of these workers, whereby they will be more proficient and successful at that point compared to before.

Furthermore, they will be technology savvy by means of which they increase the chances for professional success too.


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As a healthcare manager, your facility will soon be implementing an electronic health record (EHR). Some employees feel that they are not technologically gifted. Some employees feel the computer will soon cause them to be laid off. Employees are discussing this implementation and passing rumors about whether the implementation will actually improve the medical record. Discuss the following

Impact of Change on Employee Motivation

Impact of Change on Employee Motivation

How does change impact the motivation of employees?

Discuss how you would communicate with these employees and what you will tell them about the EHR implementation.

Discuss how employers will explain the training that will be offered to all employees and how employee job skills will change with the implementation.

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