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How Do You Keep Academic And Professional Integrity?

How Do You Keep Academic And Professional Integrity?

Academic and Professional Integrity Are Related

Integrity is essential in academic writing. Academic integrity is dedication, honesty, and moral behavior in the classroom. It entails giving credit and acknowledging the sources of information while writing an academic paper. Specific conventions should be followed when writing a publication or essay for postgraduate or undergraduate students, failing which a writer may be accused of plagiarism. Writing with integrity necessitates being truthful about the sources of information, ideas, and knowledge used in academic papers or assignments. Hayes and Introna (2005).

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A student must follow scholarly ethics by not violating the contract terms with instructors or management. Success in nursing entails more than just demonstrating good clinical skills and graduating from an accredited program; a person should also be respectful, accountable, and ethical. Being ethical entails more than just not cheating on an academic paper; accountability is also essential and may impact professional practices. For example, a nursing student may fail to turn in class homework or a term paper by the due date. The student should be held accountable because their actions may impact nursing practices. Such practices, such as arriving late for work shifts or failing to fulfill job responsibilities, may hurt the lives of many patients. L. Childs (2015).

Grammarly, Safeasign, and paraphrasing are tools used to improve academic integrity when writing papers or essays. Grammarly can assist in determining the similarity of an article to other scholarly works. It also provided punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure errors in assignments, assisting in delivering high-quality, plagiarism-free papers. Safe Assign is designed to detect plagiarism and to provide the source from which the information was obtained. A person can reduce the similarity by paraphrasing or citing the sources; paraphrasing helps to express another person’s ideas in words other than those used in the original text. These tools improve writing honesty and integrity by assisting individuals in citing relevant sources of ideas and information.

Strategies for Maintaining Work Integrity

Maintaining academic integrity and ethics is critical for an MSN student. A person should be able to respect the ideas of other scholars while also upholding a high standard of conduct in the program. It is also critical to use tools that promote academic integrity to avoid the risk of plagiarizing someone else’s work. Grammarly and safe-assign are two of these tools. A good reader of scholarly articles develops creativity and thus avoids using other people’s ideas. Instead, use the concept to generate more creative articles or activities to aid academic growth.

Failure to keep your word as a professional nurse can have serious consequences. It all starts with learning to work under strict deadlines without making excuses, such as when submitting a term paper. Collaborating with others can also help you be more honest and creative. In the nursing profession, one must keep one’s word. For example, if you promise to return to a patient, it should be documented to avoid forgetfulness due to the numerous activities that may follow. Even if the shift is hectic, it helps to be systematic. Collaboration with other colleagues can also help observe nursing ethics by making consultations and acting honestly. Nurses are known for their honesty, which must be maintained by adhering to a strict code of trustworthiness and integrity in all actions and responsibilities assigned during shifts.

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Write a 2- to 3-paragraph analysis that includes the following:

· Explanation for the relationship between academic integrity and writing

· Explanation for the relationship between professional practices and scholarly ethics

How Do You Keep Academic And Professional Integrity

How Do You Keep Academic And Professional Integrity

· Use proper APA formatting to Cite at least two resources that support your arguments.

· Use Grammarly and Turnitin to improve the product.

· Explain how Grammarly, Turnitin, and paraphrasing contribute to academic integrity.

Expand on your thoughts after elaborating above by identifying and describing strategies you intend to pursue to maintain integrity and ethics of your:

  1. Academic work as a student of the MSN program and
  2. Professional work as a nurse throughout your career. Include a review of resources and approaches you propose as a student and a professional.


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