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Healthcare Information Technology Mind Map

Healthcare Information Technology Mind Map

Healthcare technology has evolved in a variety of ways in order to become more technologically advanced in order to meet the needs of today’s society. Electronic Health Records (EHR) have become a requirement for all healthcare organizations, resulting in fewer breaches of patient confidentiality agreements. Furthermore, the landscape of healthcare technology has reduced the number of fines that healthcare organizations must pay as a result of communication between the patient and the organization being done through the use of patient portals, allowing patients to communicate directly with their medical team as it relates to medications, scheduling, and reviewing medical records and results. Landscape technology has been shown to improve healthcare delivery by allowing physicians to focus more on their patient’s needs rather than administrative demands (Wu, 2012).


Healthcare technologies are all used for the same purpose: to improve healthcare delivery by leveraging technological advantages. Although different organizations use healthcare technology in different ways, these technologies are designed to meet the needs of any organization. Many organizations are leveraging technology by increasing electronic prescription orders (E-Scribe) and allowing patients to see physicians remotely, as well as allowing physicians to examine patients via their electronic devices (cell phone, pc, and tablet). Because of the limited facilities and the patient-to-physician ratio in each specialty, referral centers are more likely to use the benefits of technology (Wu, 2012).


Healthcare technology is intended to meet the needs of all departments, with each organization having the option of designing systems to meet their specific needs. Powerchart, for example, is a popular system that is designed for clinical and administrative staff, allowing IT to monitor any system errors, administrative to document and maintain, and clinical staff to maintain, input, and communicate with patients and hospital staff regarding insurance, billing, and patient concerns. The goal of healthcare technology is now portable, convenient, user-friendly, and accessible to contribute to the future direction of healthcare and each department within each organization (Wu, 2012).


As previously stated, the goal of healthcare technology is to support the future direction of healthcare as our society’s population grows. Technology has played a critical role in healthcare, becoming the foundation of its daily operations. As a result, healthcare technology is now a system that is designed to be accommodating to each organization in a user-friendly and adaptable manner. Overall, technology has improved every aspect of the healthcare delivery system (Haase, 2012).


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Mind Map of Information Technologies

Identify the process for decision-making regarding technology. You will also discuss the nursing role in identifying appropriate technology for practice.

Healthcare Information Technology Mind Map

Healthcare Information Technology Mind Map

This week you will create a mind map of information technologies and social media you would utilize in your role as a nurse.

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