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Health Promotion

Health Promotion

Health promotion is the improvement of the community’s well-being through the adoption of certain health-related behaviors (Rector, 2019). Healthcare stakeholders are divided into different categories. The Broward Health Coral Springs is one of the stakeholders in Coral Springs, Florida. The 250-bed facility has served the community for at least three decades. It also offers educative sessions to the community. As a healthcare provider, Broward Health Coral Springs plays several roles in enabling the community to choose healthy behaviors (Fallon, 2020).

Firstly, the facility committed $65 million towards the expansion of the facility. The investment was created to put up a new tower with private rooms. The tower is expected to house a surgery unit and facilitate access to women’s and children’s services. The facility offers a breast care suite with unique technology to cater to the female population better. This facility is intended to encourage women to undergo breast screening by reducing their fears. Using the small curve technology, the facility is able to offer mammography services without the perceived pain of the examination (Fallon, 2020).

Secondly, the new tower also offers a neonatal ICU with ten beds. The private rooms enable the infant patients to remain in a calm and quiet environment that encourages different health techniques, such as skin-to-skin contact. Parents and babies have time to bond in the unit without disruption from alarms. The new neonatal ICU also offers a Baby Cuddlers program, which has volunteers who help parents with their babies as they rest (Fallon, 2020). Such specialized care promotes the decision to seek care in the first place and other prevention services from the facility. The Broward Health Coral Springs brings health services closer to the community and offers quality, which ensures that patients, especially women, are encouraged to seek care.


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Health Promotion

identify a healthcare stakeholder in your community and describe its role in promoting health.

  • APA format required.
  • Use reference from an English titled, peer reviewed nursing journal (less than 5 years old) and one from the course textbook for the initial post.

Course text :
Title: Community and Public Health Nursing
Author(s): Rector, C. (2019).

Health Promotion

Health Promotion

Publisher, Edition: Edition: 9th ed. ISBN: 13: 978-1-4963-7625-1

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