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Future Vision of Informatics in Nursing Practice.

Future Vision of Informatics in Nursing Practice.

The current world is experiencing rapid technological advancements, efficient storing of data, communication, and pieces of training in various fields have moved the electronic way; the nursing field is included. Nursing Informatics is the nursing specialty that combines nursing science with several information and analytical sciences for the identification, definition, management, and communication of information knowledge and wisdom in the nursing practice. This nursing informatics has helped in driving the healthcare sector to a position where it improves the community’s health and reduces costs at the same time. It is dedicated to delivering high-quality care to patients due to integrating data, information, and wisdom from various sources to support the healthcare stakeholders, i.e., nurses. I believe that to bring more efficiency in the future, there is a need to improve future nursing informatics, and this is by increasing the connection globally, enhancing the security of the data in the systems, and also advancing to big data analysis.

Connectivity should be increased to improve knowledge and skills sharing and collaboration between various hospitals, doctors, nurses, and patients across the whole world. This will ensure that there is enough dissemination of the required information in the healthcare field whereby doctors from all continents will access information about all the patients being attended, the previous hospitals visited, the doctors attended, and also the kind of treatments to be offered (Norwich University Online, 2019). The systems should also be fast for efficiency. This will, in turn, make the nursing practice easy to integrate hence reducing the struggles of identifying the patient’s history of medication.

Cybersecurity in nursing is also a vision that needs to be considered in nursing informatics. Currently, society is infested with vast cybercrime across the universe, and this can lead to inconveniences in the nursing practice, especially with increased connectivity. Security becomes a major issue of concern and a top priority should be made on it(LEWIS et al., 2016). Hackers normally hack hospitals’ data and demand payments to allow the hospitals to access the data. With the increasing connectivity all over the universe, there should be tight security to avoid fraudsters in the nursing field, as had been experienced in the current informatics.

Future trends should also be configured to support patient data analysis, i.e., big data science. This is a result of this, and the systems will include computational methods of analyzing large patient data sets to reveal the patterns and trends set to promote healthcare quality in the world (Norwich University Online, 2019). The application of big data science in this field’s informatics will entail various advanced tools such as data mining methods, identification of patterns, natural language processing, integration, and harmonization of the data. It will lead to better decision-making, which will, in turn, lead to improved healthcare delivery and personalized medicine.

In conclusion, nursing informatics plays a vital role in the nursing practice to ensure efficient, structured, systematic, and reliable services in the heal care provision among nurses. As of now, not all hospitals, patients, and doctors information are connected across the universe, and this makes it need for vision development of such advancements to ease the efficiency of health care services globally; there is a need to induce tight security to the data in the systems and also to introduce systems that are configured with big data analysis so that it is the proper decision making on the nursing field and improved healthcare delivery.


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Module 7 Discussion

Future Vision of Informatics

What is your vision for the future of informatics in nursing practice?

Future Vision of Informatics in Nursing Practice.

Future Vision of Informatics in Nursing Practice.

Submission Instructions:

Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in the current APA style, with support from at least 2 academic sources. Your initial post is worth 8 points.

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