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Experiences Implementing or Applying Nursing Theory into Practice

Experiences Implementing or Applying Nursing Theory into Practice

 The Neuman System Model

In the article “Outcomes of applying Neuman system theory in intensive care units: a systematic review,” Khatiban et al. (2016) highlight the outcomes of applying Neuman’s Systems Model in the ICU. The application of theories in clinical practices is a crucial factor in the development of nursing science as well as the reduction of the gap between practice and theory. One commonly used theory is the NSM, which offers a flexible, comprehensive, system-based, and holistic approach to nursing. The NSM is an open model that considers appropriate performance in stressful scenarios or at the time of a patient’s probable reaction as the nursing priority and introduces a patient as a stable interacting system along with extra/inter/intra-personal stressors.

The environmental stressors might attack the patient’s natural defense line unless they are protected by a flexible defense line. In the case of a weak, flexible defense line, it is important to involve a normal defense layer that reacts to the stressors. During this time, resistance lines are activated and get into action to prevent acute health problems. Resistant lines include five physiological, social, psychological, spiritual, and developmental variables. Neumann emphasizes the role of prevention as a nursing action that safeguards the patient. Nursing aims to strengthen the client’s defense and resistance line to improve their health and, eventually, their coping ability.

This model is commonly used in the ICU. NSM makes the programs in the ICU applicable by providing appropriate tools for accurate evaluation and assessment of the patients and offering appropriate procedures. The model also outlines the importance of communication in the ICU. Given that most patients are usually unconscious, it is important to involve family members in making decisions in the patient’s care process. The model also emphasizes stressors such as thirst, hunger, restricted movement, sleep disruption, lack of privacy, and losing time, among others, and can be used to provide strategies for lessening these stressors.

Generally, the NSM theory considers the surrounding environment and the importance of assessing the environment and its influence on decreasing or increasing stressful factors (Khatiban et al., 2016). This consideration could lead to the identification of stressful factors in order to eliminate them appropriately. Factors like increased light, heat, ambient noise, and loneliness are considered physical stressors, and controlling such stressors could improve unit care conditions and lessen environmental complications. Identifying and providing appropriate, effective environmental stimuli such as playing favorite music could lessen perceived stress and the pain linked to internal stressors and therapeutic actions. Furthermore, it offers an appropriate tool for assessing the patient’s stressors. Khatiban et al. (2016) conclude that the application of the NSM model to collect data and identify various stressors in nurses could improve the care process, proper understanding of stresses among patients, and provision of appropriate care.


Khatiban, M., Oshvandi, K., Borzou, S. R., & Moayed, M. S. (2016). Outcomes of applying Neuman system theory in intensive care units: a systematic review. Critical Care Nursing Journal, 9(4), 1-7.


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Experiences Implementing or Applying Nursing Theory into Practice

Discussion Prompt
Magnet-designated hospitals must have a theoretical model that guides care. Every staff member must be oriented on that theory and its application in the facility. As nursing scholars, you may be called upon to guide your colleagues in this adventure. In this exercise, describe any experience you have had in implementing a facility-designated theoretical model. If you have not, find an article that describes the implementation of a theoretical model in a facility and summarize the article for the class.


Experiences Implementing or Applying Nursing Theory into Practice

Experiences Implementing or Applying Nursing Theory into Practice

  • Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references
  • Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years



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