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100+ Evidence based practice nursing research topics

Evidence based practice nursing research topics

Evidence-based practices in nursing are universally recognized as a crucial component of advancing patient outcomes and quality of health care. This demands additional research needs, prompting university and college professors to assign students the particular papers to learn. To generate useful benefits, the evidence from research must complement finer execution and a facilitating setting.

Study this article keenly since it provides recent evidence based practice nursing research topics that will assist you with selecting the best topic for your project.

How to choose evidence-based practice nursing research topics

Follow the steps below to produce evidence based practice nursing research topics to assist you to generate your paper a compelling thesis statement;

  1. Make sure your topic satisfies the demands of your assignment

Before choosing evidence based practice nursing research topics, determine whether your professor has already given the topic. If not, examine where you can choose appropriate topics from. This stage is very critical and if you select your topic from the restricted areas, you will probably fail in your project research.

  1. Select a compelling topic on evidence-based practice in your nursing research

Even if it seems obvious, selecting fascinating topics will compel your project to be engaging to study. If you choose a mundane subject, your professor will not read your entire paper. Determine the interest area before selecting your evidence-based research topic on a nurse practitioner.

  1. Analyze your topic’s depth

Avoid choosing a very narrow or broad evidence based practice nursing research topics. If the topic is so broad, it can be difficult to concentrate on all the necessary information for the research. If your topic is very narrow, you can struggle to get information to attain the word count needed by your instructor.

  1. Carry out the background research

Carry out background research since it will enable you to comprehend your discussion subject. Do not hesitate to adjust your  nursing research topics on evidence-based practice in such a way that you will be comfortable researching. Make sure you list your information sources.

  1. Brainstorm your topic on various concepts

After discovering your research interest topic, brainstorm all the evidence based practice nursing research topics connected to your research subject and craft them. Brainstorming various nursing research topics on evidence-based practice frees your intellect. You can alternate one topic with the other depending on your area of interest and you will understand various ideas from a variety of authors.

  1. Establish your question on research

After you are done with brainstorming various topics, you can come up with your question on research. It will be the question you have the potential to give answer in the essay on practices that are evidence-based by carrying out additional research and recording it.

  1. Think about your topic’s general approach

Consider various general procedures to assist you to advance your evidence based practice nursing research topics more. You can either apply the historical angle, one which concentrates on a particular period or geographical angle, and which points to a specific world zone or sociological angle, that is directed to a specified people group. Conduct elaborate research regarding the topic.

EBP project ideas

You will get project ideas that are evidence-based from different sources available to generate excellent evidence based practice nursing research topics. These ideas include;

  1. Class notes and career readings
  2. Resources from Library
  3. Research guide that is given by your instructor
  4. Online references
  5. Nursing books and encyclopedias

Evidence based practice nursing examples

Nurses can use the below evidence-based practice nursing examples, to prevent complications and to derive evidence based practice nursing research topics ideas;

  1. Techniques to upgrade practices on infection control

Nurses participate an important role in assisting to prevent infections and illness spread. Using measures of infection control in evidence-based involving the practice of good hand hygiene, maintaining healthcare environment cleanliness, and wear of personal protective equipment. These are just several ways that have demonstrated efficiency in infection spread prevention, advancing positive outcomes for patients and minimizing healthcare costs.

  1. Delivering oxygen to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients

In cases of a supply of oxygen to patients with COPD, as a nurse, you should comprehend nursing evidence-based practice for the safety and health of your patient. Studies reveal that long-term supplementary oxygen use greatly boosts the rate of survival of COPD patients.

  1. Preventing regular ventilator circuit scheduled changes

It is unusual for the condensation of the gases that are humidified in the ventilator’s circuitry, thus increasing their contamination. As a result, ventilator tubing manipulation can cause secretions that are contaminated to go through the bronchial tube, and recurrent ventilator circuit scheduled changes will increase ventilator-acquired pneumonia risk.

  1. Elevating the patient’s bed head to 30- 45 degrees

As stated by the (ASAA) American Sleep Apnea Association, the elevation of the body from the patient’s waist up aids to support the patient’s airway, and prevents collapse. Elevation of the bed’s head minimizes aspiration risk and pneumonia that is ventilator-associated. This is an example of preventive interference in evidenced-based nursing practice.

  1. Conducting patient assessments that are appropriate before and also after giving medication

A good example of nursing evidence-based practice that can never be emphasized is the requirement to perform keen, suitable assessments before allocating medication to clients. This is a great area to generate evidence based practice nursing research topics ideas for your assignments.

  1. Restricting urinary catheterization use

An example of a prevalent healthcare-associated infection is Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI). Evidence proves that urinary catheter overuse infections are associated with advanced healthcare costs, increased morbidity of clients, and longer stays in the hospital.

Evidence based practice essay topics

Apply the below evidence based practice nursing research topics examples in your essay;

  1. Outpatient and inpatient palliative care, an analysis of the U. S. nursing evidence based practices
  2. Examine whether care quality in hospitals can be advanced through nursing in evidence-based practice
  3. Evaluate the practical suggestions of the nursing evidence-based practices hypothetical foundations
  4. How to choose the treatment procedure via analysis of evidence-based practices
  5. Evidence-based requirements for professional advancement support
  6. Carry out chief health practitioner’s primary investigation and their perspective concerning using evidence-based practices and care solutions
  7. Carry out research regarding the connection between nursing education and professional excellence
  8. The practices that are evidence-based for people with disabilities in the U.S. hospital settings
  9. Practitioners in nursing screening and hiring evidence-based methods

EBP topics for nurses

Making use of the following evidence based practice nursing research topics as a nurse is one of the main steps in accomplishing your evidence-based practice project.

  1. Diabetes Type II patient’s spiritual beliefs.
  2. Evaluation of effective and safe vital signs and the need to change existing methods.
  3. Good practices in the use of non-pharmacologic interventions with treatment-resistant depression adults.
  4. Efficient practices in analgesia management among nurses.
  5. Scalp cooling impact among patients with cancer with alopecia.
  6. Best practices in noninvasive measurement of blood pressure in children.
  7. Influence of therapeutic honey on ulcers and topical wounds.
  8. Analgesia management using a catheter for obstetrical /non-obstetrical patients in nurses.
  9. Vitamin C is used in the prevention of the complex regional pain syndrome that is caused by fractures in wrists.

Examples of evidence-based practice nursing topics

These are evidence based practice nursing research topics examples that are associated with nursing expertise and general healthcare;

  1. Inpatient settings palliative care – a review of perspectives on evidence-based practice review in the USA.
  2. Is quality care advanced via evidence-based nursing? The investigation.
  3. Providing patient preferences via evidence-based approach in nursing – the analysis from the USA.
  4. Practical implications analysis of theoretical for evidence-based nursing approaches foundations in the USA.
  5. Choosing treatment procedure via evidence-based practice- Nursing care analysis.
  6. Evidence-based support for Continuing Professional Development needs in nursing education- literature analysis
  7. Senior nurses and attitude towards the use of care solutions in evidence-based practice – The primary investigation.
  8. A systematic investigation of the relationship link between nursing education and professional excellence in the USA.
  9. Evidence-based practices in nursing for disabled patients in the USA- The literature review.

Nurse Practitioner Research Topics

The following are examples of nurse practitioner research topics that you will come across in the course of searching for evidence based practice nursing research topics;

  1. Nurse practitioner trial.
  2. Nurse practitioners primary care.
  3. Effectiveness of nurse practitioner studies
  4. Evaluating the role of a nurse practitioner in a public health center.
  5. The Guide to Becoming an efficient nurse practitioner.
  6. Generic practice in nurse practitioner.

To sum up

Discovering distinguished evidence based practice nursing research topics is a task that has been made easier. Evaluate the topics and select the topic that keeps your readers engaged and interests you. Ensure your chosen topic is easily debatable and precise. Carry out background research concerning your topic and make sure you pen down all the sources for perfect referencing.

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