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Emergency Preparedness and Health Policy

Emergency Preparedness and Health Policy

Pre-disaster planning is carried out by nursing care facilities, which addresses the types of events or disasters that are more likely to occur and takes action in advance. Preparation includes having an emergency response plan in place, training, and reviewing specific processes on various aspects of emergency response (Blake et al., 2018). Because of the numerous disasters that have occurred in nursing care facilities, emergency preparedness has become an essential component. For example, my current workplace has used technology to prepare for and respond to emergencies. Technology is constantly evolving and has been proven to be beneficial in the event of an emergency (Blake et al., 2018). Users have access to a portal that serves as a center for communications and reporting all emergencies via a website designed for online emergency preparedness. It also serves as an information center for emergency preparedness planning, providing training and disaster recovery information. In the event of a natural disaster, there is a host facility that serves to accommodate new patients when other facilities are overcrowded. This is arguably one of the responses initiated to address the immediate and short-term effects of natural disasters.

Health policy addressing public health preparedness is likely to influence nursing practice in emergency preparedness. Notably, the solution to emergency preparedness lies in health policy, which establishes principles and goals that guide how care is delivered and accessed. Furthermore, health policy has an impact on nursing practice because it ensures robust disaster preparedness and response (Sales et al., 2021). They can, for example, plan and respond to an emergency by establishing relationships with public health and other agencies. In general, nurses are the most numerous professionals in public health, have extensive knowledge of health care, and are prepared to cope with and assist communities in recovering from disasters. As a result, nurses can influence practice standards and processes through policy to ensure emergency preparedness and coordination (Sales et al., 2021).


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How your work environment prepares and responds to emergency preparedness (you may choose natural or man-made emergencies)?

Emergency Preparedness and Health Policy

Emergency Preparedness and Health Policy

How do you see health policy impacting nursing practice in preparing for emergencies?

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