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Discuss How Social Determinants of Health for The Older Adult Are Impacted for Those Living in Poverty.

Discuss How Social Determinants of Health for The Older Adults Impacted Those Living in Poverty.

Poverty has an impact on the social determinants of health for the elderly because it prevents them from meeting their basic needs. The elderly require appropriate social determinants in order to live healthy lives to the fullest (Northwood et al.,2018). Food, shelter, environment, social interaction, close friends, family, and income are examples of social determinants of health.

Due to a lack of funds for transportation or medications, poverty can make it difficult for older adults to access healthcare (Northwood et al.,2018). Poverty-stricken older adults may lack access to preventative care, such as flu vaccines, resulting in illness that requires more intensive treatment later on.

Poor living conditions can put older people at risk of disease and disability by exposing them to environmental hazards like mold or lead paint (Streeter et al.,2020). These toxins may also contribute to cognitive decline and dementia. Living in substandard housing can result in respiratory infections such as pneumonia due to mold growth on unclean surfaces (Thornton & Persaud,2018). Insulation deficiencies increase heating costs during cold weather, affecting the elderly.

Another way poverty affects older adults’ health is a lack of access to quality healthcare, which limits their ability to receive preventive care services that could help prevent illness or injury in the first place (Streeter et al.,2020). Because poor people do not receive regular checkups with their physicians, it is more difficult for them to manage existing chronic conditions effectively (Thornton & Persaud,2018). Because poor older adults may lack access to health insurance, they may be unable to obtain prescription drugs that could aid in the management of chronic conditions.

Because of limited income or transportation issues, poor older adults frequently have difficulty accessing affordable healthy food (Streeter et al.,2020). Eating healthy foods is important for good health because it helps older adults maintain a healthy weight, which lowers their risk of chronic diseases. Because they require more money for nutritious food and more time to prepare healthy meals (Thornton & Persaud,2018), they suffer from poor nutrition and obesity, increasing their risk of developing chronic diseases.

Poverty-stricken older adults are more likely to live alone, which means they are less likely to receive assistance from others and lack social support from family members when they are most in need, as they require assistance with home care (Thornton & Persaud,2018). This could lead to feelings of loneliness, depression, and isolation. Living alone may also make it difficult to obtain medical care and medications because family members find it difficult to assist them when they become ill. Furthermore, many elderly people who live alone do not have enough money to pay their mortgage, which can have an impact on their mental health.


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Healthy aging is an important public health issue, both nationally and internationally. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes healthy aging as a process whereby all people of all ages are able to live a healthy, safe, and socially inclusive lifestyle.

Discuss How Social Determinants of Health for The Older Adult Are Impacted for Those Living in Poverty.

Discuss How Social Determinants of Health for The Older Adult Are Impacted Those Living in Poverty.

Discuss how social determinants of health for the older adult are impacted for those living in poverty.


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