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Discharge Teaching Guidelines

Discharge Teaching Guidelines

Circumcision: Referral to Professional and Community Based Resources

Professional Organization

The professional organization will be a government-approved organization or an internationally recognized organization. A community-based resource should be formed with the aid of community members and the government. One of the professional organizations used for referral on Dos and Don’ts of circumcision is the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is an international organization that provides health guidelines internationally and is approved by the government. The headquarters of the organization are in Geneva, Switzerland. The organization can be contacted via its website and on social media via its Facebook and Twitter accounts (Facebook:, and Twitter: The organization provides safety measures of circumcision, guidelines, and recommendations for better circumcision. The organization also provides information on the prevalence, risks, complications, and acceptability of circumcision.

Community Based Resources

The community-based resources that can be used include faith-based organizations such as Catholic Charities USA. This is a church-based organization that sensitizes the community members on the best practices of circumcision, especially in churches. The organization is located in every state and can be used to provide circumcision services and education to people regarding the Dos and Don’ts. The address of the organization is 2050 Ballenger Avenue, Suite 400, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA. Community members in various churches contribute to the organization and are ready to follow its measures on circumcision. Furthermore, the organization is religious and accepts circumcision as a practice. In addition, the organization, through its mission hospitals, can offer circumcision services in society. Health promotion and safety circumcision practices can be promoted through churches by the organization where all members are involved. There are a lot of Catholics in the community, and therefore, the organization will capture a lot of people.


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Discharge Teaching Guidelines

This is a group presentation project. To complete the project, we’re to prepare a presentation outline and the actual presentation.

The client has been assigned the “Referral to Professional and Community-Based Resources” part (See Highlighted Parts or below)

Discharge Teaching Guidelines

Discharge Teaching Guidelines

Referral to Professional and Community‐Based Resources
    1. Provide a referral to each of the following:
      • professional organization.
      • community-based resource.
    1. Include contact information for these resources (i.e., phone number, e-mail, website or link).
    2. Include a statement describing the role, resources, and/or services of the organizations or resources and their potential impact on the selected topic
This order is for preparing the outline part for the assigned part (I have attached a sample outline as a guide on what is required)
Topic: Circumcision Dos and Dont’s

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