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Cultural Values Worksheet

Cultural Values Worksheet

Cultural Group Cultural Values


How can knowledge of these values influence provision of behavioral health services to individuals in each cultural group? (Each response should be 50 to 100 words.)
African Americans 1.      Strongly religious

2.      Believe in education as the key to success

3.      Have an explicit ethnic identity


 African Americans are strongly religious. Anything that can compromise their religion will make them lose their trust. Therefore as medical officers, it is advisable to observe these cultural values before providing health services to these individuals (Gopalkrishnan, 2018). Patients in the African American culture will easily trust the medical personnel once they feel that their culture is respected. The Africans do not like talking in their native language. Therefore as a medical officer, despite understanding some African languages, ensure that you just speak in English to avoid making them uncomfortable (Cherry et al., 2020). Understanding cultural values is important and should be embraced by all healthcare personnel.
Asian Americans 1.      Educational achievement

2.      Ability to balance individual and societal needs

3.      They are deferent to the authority



Asian Americans believe and easily trust individuals who have high education standards. They are also very keen to obey the authority. As a clinical officer or doctor, one can use such knowledge to offer behavioral services. For example, a hospital may work together with authority to convince the people of the need to get these services. Since Asian Americans are deferent to the authority, they will easily give in and accept the medication (Rodríguez, 2018). Physicians should take time to learn the cultural values of different groups to earn their trust. Asians value their societal needs, and if they are told to avail themselves for societal activities, then it is likely they will cooperate.
Latino Americans 1.      Highly group-oriented

2.      Value family decisions more than individual decisions

3.      Respect to one another, irrespective of age, is paramount


Clinicians are required to understand these cultural values before administering health services to the cultural group. For example, Latinos value family decisions and need to consult even the extended family before concluding something. Therefore it may take time before an important medical decision is made. Also, they easily trust the people who respect their families (Fripp & Carlson, 2017). As a clinician, one needs to fully understand these values so that one can gain their trust before administering drugs to them.



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Cultural Values Worksheet

Complete the cultural value worksheet.

Cultural Values Worksheet

Cultural Values Worksheet

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