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Critique of Grassroots Policy Change

Critique of Grassroots Policy Change

The project focused on child vaccination and the financial burden healthcare providers have to bear in offering this essential service. When it reaches a point where providers opt to pull out of the government project, that is, the VFC, it becomes a very sad situation. Benabbas et al. (2019) opine that the government, it seems, did not think through the roll-out of the program; it focuses more on getting children vaccinated at the least cost to itself. The COVID vaccination program is already underway. With the plan to have as many vaccinated as possible, the plan may come to a halt if the government does not step up and adequately compensate providers. At this time, nurse leaders have the opportunity to air healthcare facilities’ grievances regarding cost, and perhaps this could be the turning point. As it is, nurses and their leaders have faced a tough time as first-line caregivers during the pandemic, and requesting them to bear the cost of vaccination is immoral.

Over the years, U.S. rural areas have experienced a shortage of primary care providers, with nurse practitioners as the point of contact for many patients (Ortiz et al., 2018). The COVID-19 vaccinations in these areas will more than likely be received in clinics run by nurse practitioners. These practitioners will bear the costs, as discussed in the PowerPoint presentation. Based on the projected numbers that will receive the vaccination, the costs will be too high for the practices to stay afloat. If the practice has to bear a $3 cost per vaccine, and the number of vaccines given out in a month reaches perhaps 10,000, then the practice will lose $30,000. Such projections will cause nurse leaders to either fight at this time for better compensation or retreat or not offer vaccination services, which means the COVID-19 pandemic will be here longer than it already has.


Benabbas, R., Shan, G., Akindutire, O., Mehta, N., & Sinert, R. (2019). The Effect of Pay-for-Performance Compensation Model Implementation on Vaccination Rate: A Systematic Review. Quality Management in Healthcare28(3), 155-162.

Ortiz, J., Hofler, R., Bushy, A., Lin, Y., Khanijahani, A. and Bitney, A., 2018. Impact of Nurse Practitioner Practice Regulations on Rural Population Health Outcomes. Healthcare, 6(2), p.65.


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Critique of Grassroots Policy Change

One person from each assigned group will post the group signature assignment for his/her group as an attachment here to allow for sharing and discussion with classmates.

Critique of Grassroots Policy Change

Critique of Grassroots Policy Change

Discussion Prompt

  1. Critique key points you have learned about policy and nursing leadership as a result of your project.
  2. Critique at least two peer project presentations other than your own with substantive feedback.


  • Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references
  • Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

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