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Considering Hypotheses and Research Questions

Considering Hypotheses and Research Questions

This paper will go over the purpose of the hypotheses and research questions, along with why they are important and what type of research would be appropriate for the above scenario.

Importance of Hypotheses and Research Questions

The importance of a hypothesis is that “hypothesis testing is one of the most important concepts in statistics because it is how you decide if something really happened, or if certain treatments have positive effects, or if groups differ from each other or if one variable predicts another. (Dubois, S., 2019)” The way to start with a good hypothesis is that you need to find out what you are researching and what you want to accomplish with the research you will be doing. Hypotheses are a way to start research. You can always change your hypotheses and/or research questions. Research questions are the questions you will be wanting to ask yourself personally or the things you want to understand.

Workable Hypothesis

The importance of having a workable hypothesis is that it helps provide the underlying theory to support your research question. “It provides a basis or evidence to prove the validity of the research. (Adhikari, S., 2020)” Hypotheses are a way to understand the way that the basis proves validity. It makes it so that the research question is making the hypothesis become true. In order to have a workable hypothesis, you need to have the basis of what you want to accomplish.

Qualitative or Quantitative. In this scenario, I would personally use the quantitative research question because that is how you will be asking the “What,” “Why,” and “How Long” questions. It is the way you will get the information you want in order to get the desired answers. In this instance, the nurses are wondering about visiting hours and if they should be changed. If it were me, I would want there to be non-specified visiting hours so that the patients get better faster. It would benefit both sides. It will be a way to get the patients better to go home and be more successful at recovery, and also, you will have the rooms faster. There would be a downside to that also because of the infections that could happen, but if these visitors have to do hand hygiene upon entering the unit, then that wouldn’t be an issue. Also, I understand that patient families are not always able to come at those specific times, so that will be better for the families also.

Either or Both. In this, I would have to side with the research question. I say this because in order to see the benefits to opening up the unit with no specified visitor hours, it would leave it up to the families to come whenever and not stress over missing out on what time to come and or miss work. It is a great way to ease the stress on families and the patient because the patient doesn’t need to worry about the families not being able to visit them, and that would also result in an increase in better vitals and quicker recovery. So, I would start by asking the question of how the staff feels about a family coming and going whenever to see if it would be okay for them because safety for the staff is also key. The unit would also need a front desk person to buzz people in and check with them to see if they can visit the patient or if they are busy. So, the research question is key in order to find the pros and cons of the scenario above.


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Read the following scenario.

You are a nurse on 5 West who has concerns about visiting hours in the Critical Care Unit. The unit currently has a visiting-hours policy that allows patients to rest and the staff to provide care in an environment that protects patient privacy and modesty. However, many nurses now feel that family presence improves patient outcomes. You and other nurses on your unit have noted that vital signs are improved, and patients are more responsive when the family is present. You are considering whether to use a quantitative or qualitative study to research this topic.

Considering Hypotheses and Research Questions

Considering Hypotheses and Research Questions

Step 2: Consider the following questions:

What is the purpose of the hypotheses and research questions?

Why is it important to develop workable hypotheses and research questions in conducting research?

What type of research—qualitative or quantitative—would be most conducive to the scenario in Step 1? Why?

Which would be more appropriate given the scenario in Step 1: the development of a hypothesis or a research question, or both? Why?

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