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Community Agency Report

Community Agency Report

A community agency is a non-profit firm that operates a human service at the community level. Sunshine Home Health Services LLC is a community agency located in Morris Avenue, Morris County, New Jersey. The agency offers patient-centered care in the comfort of a home by providing tools and equipment needed to improve health, patient-centered care, and health education. Health education plays a role in disease prevention, improving health, and enhancing the quality of life by increasing health care’s quality, availability, and effectiveness. It plays an important role in preventing chronic illnesses, promotes good health-seeking behaviors, reduces the cases of disability, and helps reduce the mortality rate (Beckham et al., 2018). Sunshine Home Health Services works with patients in various settings, such as nursing homes, private homes, assisted living communities, and rehab centers. The facility benefits patients with a new diagnosis of chronic disease, patients needing health education for disease management, and those who cannot perform their daily activities. I interviewed S.M., a registered nurse who works at Sunshine Home Health Services, and she explained her professional role in the agency and the nursing process of a professional nurse. She also described the legal and regulatory standards that govern the nursing profession.

Primary Roles of the Professional Nurse in Sunshine Home Health Services

S.M. emphasized that nursing is not all about the treatment and dispensing but also patient education. As a registered nurse, she is responsible for teaching the patient about preventing and managing medical conditions. She describes the importance of patient education, especially in the management of chronic diseases. She explained common medical conditions affecting the community, their mode of prevention, treatment modalities, and long-term complication. The nurse needs to use a language that all community members understand. Windle et al. (2018) note that nurses prepare brochures and posters that facilitate community education. It’s the responsibility of a nurse to understand the different needs of different patients and use the appropriate teaching method to make them fit in the community. She affirmed that it had been a great experience working at Sunshine Home Health Services and fulfilling the needs of the patients.

The Use of the Nursing Process by the Professional Nurse

S.M. described the nursing process as a common thread uniting all nurses working in different regions of the world. The nursing process is the core of practice that enables all nurses to deliver patient-centered care (Nilsson et al., 2018). The nursing process in Sunshine Home Health Services has enabled S.M. to assess the patient’s health needs, plan for an intervention based on the health problem, implement the teaching methods to minimize the poor prognosis of the disease and evaluate the impact of the education and treatment modalities.

The Legal and Regulatory Standards that Govern the Nurse’s Practice

S.M. defined standards of care in nursing as general guidelines that indicate the behavior and conduct of nurses. She recognized them as crucial as they form the baseline of quality care, and they recognize the nurse’s role that is trusted by the community.

Standards in nursing describe the professional expectations, give guidelines and protocols followed by all nurses, and provides consistency to ensure that all patients get quality care (Gallant et al., 2020). As a registered nurse, she should practice within the legal boundaries of practice authorized in the nursing practice act. She should be honest and demonstrate integrity during practice. As a nurse, she needs to identify the patient’s needs before basing professional decisions on nursing skills and knowledge. A nurse should maintain continued competence through continuous learning and application of knowledge. Breaching the legal and regulatory standards warrants a registered nurse for disciplinary action.

My Reaction To This Agency’s Goal/Objectives And The Nurse’s Role

Sunshine Home Health Services has specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic goals that need to be achieved within a certain time frame. The goal is to enable a positive impact on the health of the community. The education program has created awareness of disease processes for all patients. The nurse’s role is to offer treatment services and enlighten them on different medical conditions. Sunshine Home Health Services provide the comfort the patient needs to allow healing.


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Community Agency Report


Purpose of this experience:  explain the role of the Registered Nurse in a community agency.


  1. Schedule a phone interview with a Registered Nurse who practices at a community health care agency.

Interview and observe the nurse in this community health care setting.

  • Write a report that addresses all of the following:
  • Name the Agency and its location
  • List the services this health care agency provides to patients;
  • State why this agency is needed in the community;
  • Describe your phone interview with the nurse (Parts a-b-c-d)
    1. Identify the primary role(s) of the professional nurse in this health agency
    2. Explain the use of the nursing process by the professional nurse
    3. Besides the NJ Nurse Practice Act, list the legal and regulatory standards that govern the nurse’s practice; (ask him/her about these during the visit)
    4. Describe your reaction to this agency’s goal/objectives and the nurse’s role

Suggestions for this Assigned Experience

For the assignment regarding the role of the nurse in the community you are not to use a hospital unit, nursing home or sub-acute nurse at these facilities.

(If there is an outpatient facility at a hospital that is an acceptable phone interview, i.e., dialysis, cardiac rehab, wound care center etc.)  You are to interview a nurse working in the community with patients who live at home and come to the agency for services then return home.  The list of suggested community sites may give you ideas.  The choice is yours; you are not limited to the agencies on this list. If you have any questions about the site ask one of the instructors.

Community Agency Report

Community Agency Report

You are required to complete the phone interview experience with an R.N.

The interview is to observe and understand a different role of a RN in settings other than a hospital.  The written work submitted must cover all the objectives listed above, must be well thought out, organized, adhering to proper use of grammar, spelling and be in APA format.  A 2-3 page written report is expected.  Due date will be announced.

Students are to make their own appointments for the phone interview at the community agency.  Each student nurse must submit his/her own report.

Please refer to the rubric for grading.

Examples of community agencies:

  • School nurses – any local school
  • Adult Day Care programs
  • Medi-Clinics (“walk-in” clinics)
  • Industrial Health Departments – at places of employment
  • Rehab. Outpatient Centers
  • Cardiac Rehab, Brain Trauma Rehab, Burn Rehab, Stroke Rehab., etc.,
  • Hospice or Home Care Nurses
  • Visiting Nurse Services
  • Family Health Service Clinics – i.e., Plainfield Health Center, Ludlow St., Newark, etc
  • Planned Parenthood Services and Clinics
  • N.J. State Health facilities/programs for the blind, the disabled, etc.
  • Veteran’s Health, rehab. Or medical programs
  • Chronic Pain Management Clinics
  • Holistic Health Clinics
  • Complementary/Alternative Therapy agencies
  • Local Health Departments
  • Childbirth, Lactation or Infant Care Classes
  • Nurse Midwife
  • Mental Health treatment programs
  • Health Education programs
  • Senior Citizen health services
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Health and Fitness Centers
  • Support Group Services for illnesses/for bereavement
  • Wound Care Centers
  • Physician’s Office
  • Out-patient Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy centers Etc . . . . .

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