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Care Plans And Concept Maps

 Care Plans And Concept Maps

Development of concept maps and care plans has helped me understand the material through critical thinking and proper decision-making components skills and knowledge in my school with overall learning performance. Concept maps and care plans have been useful tools for students through critical thinking and processing of information. Concepts are rigorous and profoundly defined with clear objectives for understanding.

Concept mapping has enabled students to identify relationships between known isolated concepts while developing rewarding cohesive knowledge structures in subjects taught in classes(Gurupur et al., 2015). Concept mapping has helped in-depth learning of the class topics rather than general understanding and memorization. Global concepts of ideas through comprehensive learning have ever since been achieved in all my classwork studies. Through class care plans and concept maps, relevant information and the importance of every class idea within the context have been projected. Concept mapping and care plans provide great purposes for generations through hierarchical information contexts gained from the course outline. Concepts materials from class discussions and reviews have ever since proved worthwhile since mind retention for course content has been boosted.

Through concept maps and care plans, many resources, which include journals, spreadsheets, and magazines from the library, can now help me link knowledge from different subjects for explicit understanding. Oral and written exams for me have been precisely smooth due to concept development, all through which course material retention of the classwork is enhanced. Finally, concept maps and care plans offered a clear path for all students’ knowledge assessment by teachers in an easily defined classwork process.


Gurupur, V. P., Jain, G. P., & Rudraraju, R. (2015). Evaluating student learning using concept maps and Markov chains. Expert Systems with Applications.


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Throughout this course, you have had the opportunity to develop care plans and concept maps on the main topics.

Care Plans And Concept Maps

Care Plans And Concept Maps

How has the development of care plans and concept maps helped you understand the material, and what resources did you find most helpful?

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