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CAM with Prayers

CAM with Prayers

According to medical researchers and policymakers, prayers have been classified as body-mind interventions. Prayer is, therefore, a category of complementary and alternative medicine. Many research studies indicate that many racial and ethnic groups have used prayer as a form of CAM. Research conducted by Robles et al. (2017) showed that prayer is the most used form of CAM in all the interviewed racial groups. When prayer was part of the definition of CAM, the study revealed that there was an enhanced application of CAM.

Prayer is classified with yoga, relaxation techniques, and spiritual healing. These CAM modalities involve the interaction of behavior, brain, and body systems, resulting in the relaxation of the body, mind, and soul. It is, however, difficult to differentiate prayer from CAM. This is because better health cannot be defined by prayer alone in the spiritual and religious context. However, CAM combined with prayer can be used to do research concerning modern prayers.

In the United States, study results show that 75% of the population pray at least once a week. It can then be concluded that prayer is something done on a routine basis. Prayer is an essential part of faith and religion in the United States. A spiritual study in oncology revealed that 7 % of American citizens reported not having any religion compared to 30% of their German counterparts. A survey of the NHIS also revealed that 49% of Caucasian females utilized CAM with a prayer to handle stressful situations or events (Koenig et al., 2012). The participants in this study involved individuals diagnosed with breast and uterine cancer. They prayed more than others.


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CAM with Prayers

What are the percentages of people using CAM with prayer and those who do not?

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