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Assigning-Delegating-Supervising and Prioritizing Care

Assigning-Delegating-Supervising and Prioritizing Care

Describe the Patients You Will Be Assigning to the LPN

Firstly, Client number two, because the patient has a full-thickness burn. To prevent an infection, a sterile dressing will be needed, and the wound will be assessed for the healing process. An LPN can effectively do this since one of their responsibilities is to assess patients and perform surgical dressings (, 2014). Another patient is client number three since the patient has a fracture, is in pain, and has undergone surgery. The LPN can give the patient medications to relieve the pain after delegation by the nurse. An LPN can also institute medications for a patient (, 2014). The final patient is client number six since the patient is experiencing breathlessness that an inhaler has not relieved. This patient needs immediate care after evaluation. The LPN can assess and report to a registered nurse.

Describe the Care That You Will Be Delegating to the LPN and CNA

The LPN can be delegated the duties of wound care for patients with burns, pain management for patients post-surgery, and airway management for those with labored breathing and wheezing (Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, 2018). The duties that can be delegated to the CNA include monitoring vitals for stable patients, helping patients with dementia with ADL, and helping in transferring the patient who has been discharged (Western Governors University, 2020)

List the Interventions that You Would Want to Supervise For the LPN and CNA

The interventions that the LPN will have to supervise include supervising whether the LPN is providing an aseptic surgical dressing for the patient with burns and supervising whether the LPN is correctly administering pain drugs, drugs, diversion therapy, and comfort measures. The LPN will also be supervised to check how he is assessing, monitoring, administering oxygen, checking vitals, and giving medications to the patient with labored breathing.

The interventions that will need to be supervised by the CNA include how the CNA takes and records vitals, how they care for the dementia patient to meet their daily life activities such as eating and bathing, and how they offer necessary discharge care to patients and their families.

List the Clients and Care From the Highest to Lowest Priority

  1. Client number four, with difficulty in breathing, should have the highest priority. The patient will be supported with drugs, oxygen, positioning, and lab work to avoid fatalities.
  2. Client number three has pain. The surgical site will also be inspected for any discharge, swelling, tenderness, or infection. Appropriate measures will be taken to control the pain.
  3. Client number two will be cared for by doing wound dressings. Delay this will result in pain, discomfort, or risk for infections.
  4. The next priority is the stable patient on stent placement who has just had a heart attack. Even though this patient has hemodynamic stability, he needs to be closely monitored since he can suffer from another heart attack.
  5. Client number five will be the next priority since the blood reports are being waited. Treatment can only be initiated after the lab results are out, and hence they should be done to start treatment early.
  6. The next priority is client number six, who is awaiting discharge. This patient needs to get discharge instructions and education. The client should also be told on the subsequent follow-up visits. This is not an emergency case.


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Assigning-Delegating-Supervising and Prioritizing Care


  • Integrate leadership and management principles and attributes in nursing practice


You are assigned to six patients on the medical surgical unit working with a LPN/LVN and share a CNA with another RN. You are receiving report for your patients and need to identify what activities you will be assigning, delegating, supervising, and prioritizing for the shift.


Assigning-Delegating-Supervising and Prioritizing Care

Assigning-Delegating-Supervising and Prioritizing Care

    • Client number 1: 50-year old male who had a heart attack and stent placed with normal vital signs
    • Client number 2: 46-year-old female with full-thickness burns to the leg who needs to have dressings changed
    • Client number 3: 33-year-old male firefighter who has fallen and broken his right femur after surgery with pain in his leg
    • Client number 4: 18-year-old male with wheezing and labored respirations unrelieved by an inhaler
    • Client number 5: 74-year-old female with new onset dementia awaiting lab results
    • Client number 6: 52-year-old female who has been recently diagnoses with diabetes type 2 and is getting discharged
  1. Describe the patients you will be assigning to the LPN
  2. Describe the care that you will be delegating to the LPN and CNA
  3. List the interventions that you would want to supervise for the LPN and CNA
  4. List the clients and care from the highest to lowest priority
  5. Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.


  • Assigning and Delegating
    • 40% of total grade
      • Mastery: Advanced or exceeds achievement
        • Thoroughly assigning and delegating to the LPN / CNA.
  • Interventions and Client Care
    • 50% of total grade
      • Mastery: Advanced or exceeds achievement
        • An extensive explanation of the supervision of interventions for LPN / CNA and list of care for clients.
  • Spelling and Grammar
    • 10% of total grade
      • Mastery: Advanced or exceeds achievement
        • Demonstrates an exemplary application of spelling and grammar.


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