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Article Summary

Article Summary

COVID-19 and the New Work Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the transitions and changes in modern work. As such, the pandemic has shown and outlined that working from home, holding meetings, and video conferencing sessions while in the comfort of the house is the new normal, and people have to learn or know how best to balance between work and personal life. In so doing, Meister (2020) has recommended ways and approaches organizations will use to respond to the pandemic and its implications on remote working. For one, a better response is the increased focus on training and investing extensively or largely in remote working. This is because working from home has become such a new normal. This includes organizations successfully dipping their resources into training and employee development and coaching, mentoring, and resource groups for workers. Examples include the guidelines by Microsoft on how to work from home. Secondly, with the pandemic showing the impacts on individuals’ health, the worker’s future depends on their well-being. This has been evident in the measures organizations have put in place to protect or safeguard the plight of their workers, both at work and at home.

The third aspect of COVID-19 and its implications on the workplace is how it inspired or triggered business re-definition. This includes or involves businesses investing in smart technologies, especially mobile supercomputing, and emphasis on Artificial Intelligence for business development and growth. Furthermore, the virus is set to have an impact on human resource management practices. This is because CEOs and managers have been more concerned about the protection of their workers. Hence, the need for remote learning and working will be the new normal for the current working environment, with HR strategies integrating the well-being of the workforce as part of management practices.


Meister, J. (2020, March 31). The Impact Of The Coronavirus On HR And The New Normal Of Work. Forbes. Retrieved from


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Article Summary

Article Summary

Article Summary

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