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Public Health Agencies in Florida

Public Health Agencies in Florida

The bodies that are responsible for the public health of citizens of the State of Florida primarily belong to seven major divisions of the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) and 67 local health agencies, which is the central public health agency of the State. These divisions include Emergency Preparedness and Community Support, Disease Control and Health Protection, Community Health Promotion, Children’s Medical Services, and Medical Quality Assurance, to mention a few. Other bodies under the agency include Disability Determinations offices and public health laboratories (Florida Department of Health [FDOH]). Deputy secretaries manage the divisions and consist of bureaus that deal with specific public health roles (Florida Health [FH], 2020).

Although FDOH is an independent agency, its relationship with other public health organizations and agencies in the State is centralized and hierarchical. As such, all the non-autonomous state agencies ultimately report to the State Surgeon General and Secretary, the head of the Department, through the deputy secretaries. The FDOH agency head appoints heads of agencies at the lower tiers of the organizational structure, such as deputy secretaries (FDOH). The agency head, in turn, reports to the governor of the State of Florida (FH).

Florida has a suboptimal performance on some key public health indicators. The rate of child maltreatment in the State (12 per 1000 children) is notably higher than the national average of 9.1 per 1000 children (FH). Similarly, the prevalence of poor mental health among adults in the State (13.9%) is higher than the national average of 11.2%. Finally, the percentage of households experiencing food insecurity in Florida (14.1%) is comparable to the national prevalence of 14.6% (FH). The public health status of the State is, therefore, below par.

Florida Agencies Website Links

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Public Health Agencies in Florida

Discover which agencies, in your state, are responsible for public health of citizens. (The state is Florida, MIAMI)

  • Research if there are centralized or decentralized management of state responsibilities?
  • Determine minimum 3 key indicators of health.
  • Review the agency sites and upload the links

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