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A Day in the Life of a healthcare professional

A Day in the Life of a healthcare professional

The professional organization related to my chosen career is the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM). Since 1988 PAHCOM has been a source of support and resources for managers and administrators of healthcare practices. From my research, PAHCOM is well-recognized organization that is dedicated to providing healthcare managers with continuing education, networking, and many other resources.

My professional Code of Ethics as a medical office manager will indeed help guide me in making decisions. As I believe it is very important for all healthcare professionals to follow a code of ethics. As an example, the PAHCOM Code of Ethics provides my profession with not only information on how to conduct yourself, respect others, and how professionally handle situations. (Code of Ethics, 2012) It will help guide one to uphold a high standard of service and personal conduct upon making decisions.

PAHCOM offers a professional certification for managers of solo providers and small group physician practices. After three years of experience within the field and 12 college credit hours in business/healthcare, one can apply to take the course to become a Certified Medical Manager (CMM). The certification not only lets others know that one possesses the skills to effectively manage a medical office.

Scope of practice describes the procedures, actions, and processes that a healthcare employee is permitted to undertake in keeping with the terms of one’s professional license. The scope of practice is also limited to what the law allows one to demonstrate with specific education and experience. As an office manager, my scope of practice would be to manage the operations of the medical office. It would be out of my scope of practice to perform health-related care to patients.

Based on the Code of Ethics for a professional office manager, one shall be dedicated to providing the highest standard of service to employers, employees, and patients. Showing compassion and respect to others. One shall also pursue continuing education in all areas of their scope of practice. Staying up to date within the medical field can be tricky but has huge importance when one is running a medical office. Another code of ethical standards I feel some people forget about is to respect the rights of patients and maintain the confidentiality of privileged information.

If one were to violate their professional code of ethics, it could be as simple as another employee giving you a reminder or a report given to your supervisor. However, if a complaint is filed, the licensing board will complete an investigation, which may lead to the risk of civil penalties and or the possibility of job loss and loss of license. One would never have criminal charges filed against them for ethical violations.


Professional Association of Health Care Office Management. (2012). Code of Ethics. Retrieved from


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Your Assignments in this course will take you through “A Day in the Life” of a healthcare professional. You will be given the opportunity to apply the concepts that you have learned throughout the course to a variety of situations that a healthcare professional might face.

In addition to the grading standards found in the Syllabus, assignments will also be graded on the accuracy and application of course materials. This Assignment is a research paper and should meet the following requirements:

A Day in the Life of a healthcare professional

A Day in the Life of a healthcare professional

The Assignment should have 2-3 pages of content.
The Assignment should utilize APA style, including a title page, reference page, double spacing, and the use of Times New Roman Font Size 12.
The Assignment should utilize Standard English, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
For more information on writing a research page, please visit the Writing Center.


Choose a controversial issue in healthcare from the list below. Respond to the questions and upload to the appropriate Dropbox.

Each question should be answered in complete sentences, using correct sentence structure. Responses should be free of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Controversial Issues:

Stem Cell Research

Assisted Reproduction



Genetic Testing Organ Donation

Another choice, if approved by your instructor

Questions to answer:

What are the main legal and ethical issues surrounding your chosen topic? The response to this question should be the bulk of your paper, about 2 pages long.
What is one court case that involved your chosen topic? Summarize the court case, including the outcome. Be sure to include proper citations in APA style.

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